By 2020 there will be more than 50 billion IoT devices in every imaginable area of daily life. How secure will they be?

The Internet of Things will be everywhere – in industrial installations, in cars, in the public space, at home and in the human body.

It also means that vast new amounts of data will be generated. Data that will give new insights and new possibilities for the future. In this enormous big data scenario trust remains an issue. How do we know, that IoT data really is delivered by a specific sensor? How can we be sure this data hasn't been tampered with?

The ubirch secure IoT infrastructure uses strong cryptography to address these issues. We've implemented a complete cryptographic public/private key pipeline that starts with the smallest sensor and ends in the blockchain.


Security by Design

The ubirch platform ist designed from the start to ensure that IoT data is trustworthy and secure.

It keeps track of the identity of IoT devices.
It checks the integrity of incoming data.
It prepares the data for further use with machine learning and external services.
It anchors or stores it in the blockchain for timestamping and immutablity.


If you want to get IoT security right, you have to start at the smallest component.

Almost all current IoT sensors rely on externally provisioned keys to authenticate the data they deliver. This means, that these secret keys exist in more than one place.

We think that is at least one place to many!

All of our hardware modules use a complete public/private key cryptographic infrastructure. The first time they are activated they generate their own public/private key pair and only transmit their identity and public key to the ubirch platform. The secret private key, never ever leaves the hardware.

This strong cryptography enables each ubirch hardware module to sign data before it is transmitted. This signature ensures, that received IoT data really was sent by a specific sensor and has not been changed somewhere on the way.


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    Stephan NollerStrategy & Sales
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      Matthias L. JugelTechnology & Backend
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          Michael MerzTechnology & Cryptography


          We are specialised in providing security for all kinds of IoT scenarios.

          Our modules can communicate via GSM, Narrowband and sub1GHz radio, ensuring a rapid deployment, even of complex setups. They identify themselves with their own cryptographic ID that can't be counterfeited and so can't the data they deliver. The data can be analyzed with machine learning, made available via an API and made immutable with a timestamp of our Notary Service and blockchain technology.

          If you rely on authentic IoT data with the highest security standards – we are here for you.